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Hi, my name is Jorge Vega. I started paragliding on August of 2005. My instructor's name is Marc Chirico of Seattle Paragliding in Issaquah, Washington State.

I live and work in Tacoma and have a wife and two kids. My wife is from Washington and I'm from Puerto Rico. We went to visit my family on Dec 2005 and yes, I decided to take all my paragliding gear with me. What a great place to try my new sport.

I did my first paragliding flight in Puerto Rico on Dec. 29, 2005 and it was wonderful. The place where I went paragliding is located in the center of the island. But once in the air you can see the coast and numerous towns from above. The view was just beautiful. The wind was nice and calm so I could not ask for any better conditions.

A lot of my family were waiting for me at the landing site. They were all excited about my flight and I was just as excited about it. It was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. That's the kind of experience that I would like to make available to other people, to be able to provide them with the opportunity to feel what I felt: to fly and soar like an eagle.

So, my dreams are to start a paragliding school there after I retire from my job. That will be 2018, or sooner if I win the lottery (ha,ha - dream on). I will keep posting to keep you informed, but in the mean time:


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